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San Franciso Chronicle

27 January 1996
 By Sam Whiting


Lennon Eyeing Club Site - Son of Late Beatle Likes Maiden Lane 

Julian Lennon is negotiating to open his planned restaurant, dance club and lounge, "The Revolution,"' in an empty three-story building on Maiden Lane between Grant and Stockton. 

Lennon, 32, rock singer and son of the late Beatle, has been in town this week working on the club and paying his restaurant tabs with a "Revolution" credit card. He will be back next week for further negotiations, said his business partner, Todd Meagher, 34, of San Francisco. 

"This is the ultimate space, frontage on both Geary and Maiden Lane," says Meagher. "With Maiden Lane we can bring tables out for the lunch crowd, and on Geary we can have a major entrance and a retail boutique." Meagher expects to close the deal within weeks and have the club open by November, a year after Lennon announced his intention to open a worldwide chain of clubs with the San Francisco spot as flagship. 

The entertainment facility will be 20,000 square feet, with the dance club on the basement level, a restaurant at street level, and a jazz and rhythm and blues lounge upstairs on the mezzanine level. 

"The key is to kill the proverbial San Francisco question, 'Where do we go after dinner?'"' says Meagher. "We're trying to create an atmosphere where you can have an excellent meal and stay there and enjoy yourself. It's a one- stop place. You don't have to go out and worry about parking." 

The "Revolution" theme is in reference to the healers of humanity, not the Beatles song, Meagher says. Heroes of change, locally and internationally, will be honored in a gallery of photography, artwork, paintings and sculpture. Proceeds from sales will benefit the artist's preferred charities and the local arts community.