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Disappointed with the lack of support by those who were supposed to be helping his career, Julian basically waits out his recording contract with Atlantic Records. He does a few songs for movies as well as a few movie cameos but does not produce any solo albums nor does he do any promotional touring during these years...

A brief run down of what he did do....

Mr Hollands OpusJulian Lennon Children of the WorldBald & Julian Lennon All Alone

  • 1993 - Julian is featured as the voice of David Copperfield in an animated TV special of the Dickens Classic.
  • 1994 - Julian appears in a video of Drive My Car made by Rockers Against Drunk Driving...
  • 1995 - Julian appears as a bartender in the movie Leaving Las Vegas and is featured in the December 16th edition of Hello magazine.
  • 1996 - Julian records Cole's Song for the soundtrack to Mr. Holland's Opus, has a cameo in the movie Cannes Man, and is interviewed for the documentary Pop & Me.
  • 1997 - Julian records a duet with Bald called All Alone

David CopperfieldLeaving Las VegasCannes Man