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Through the Years Julian Lennon Biography
1983 - The Making of Valotte

September 1983 - Julian anonymously forwarded a tape of his songs to Tony Stratton Smith, head of U.K.-based Charisma Records. Immediately impressed by both the quality of Julian's writing and his strong performance, Stratton Smith signs Julian to the label. In the U.S., Atlantic Records Chairman, Ahmet Ertegun, was equally taken by Julian's clear musical gifts and signs him for North America.

October 1983 - Julian and two of his friends, Justin Clayton and Carlton Morales, take up temporary residence at the remote Manor de Valotte, a French chateau near Nevers.  Julian said, "There's nobody around. It's just fields, no towns, nothing. Just an old barn, a horses stable, where we started to work. A horses stable with a carpet on the floor, and that was it! Most of the songs were in tune form, no vocal ideas at all. Half the songs were already written on the piano in little bits and bobs a year or two before that. I'd just been playing around with them, and going to Valotte was the opportunity to fix them up. There were no distractions whatsoever." The trio worked at Valotte for three months, writing songs and making demo tapes.