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Through the Years Julian Lennon Biography
1999 - Photograph Smile Hits the US

16 January 1999 - Julian Lennon is the subject of discussion on The Beatle Years a Westwood One Network radio show.

25 January 1999 - Promotion of Photograph Smile in the US starts with promotion on the internet via and

17 February 1999 - Julian performs Day After Day on The Late Show with David Letterman - Transcript & Captures.

18 February 1999 - Julian is interviewed by Howard Stern on the Howard Stern Radio Show. - Transcript

19 February 1999 - Julian performs Day After Day on The View - Transcript & Captures

23 February 1999 - Photograph Smile is released in the US on Fuel 2000/Universal Records and Julian does a chat on the internet via Yahoo! and Sonic Net. -  Transcript

24 February 1999 - Julian is interviewed by Helen Leight on 88.5 WXPN Philadelphia during their "Light Lunch" program. - Transcript Later this same day, Julian is interviewed on Philly After Midnight. - Transcript.

25 February 1999 - Julian is interviewed on Good Day Philadelphia. - Transcripts

26 February 1999 - Julian is interviewed on Good Day Atlanta in Atlanta, Georgia.

3 March 1999 - Julian performs and signs autographs at Chicago, Illinois' Downtown Borders Book and Music. And does an interview for Rolling Stone Magazine.

4 March 1999 - Julian does a live performance and record signing at The Mall of America Rotunda singing Day After Day, I Should Have Known, I Don't Wanna Know, and Saltwater. - Verna's photos and account.

5 March 1999 - CNN Showbiz Today does a segment on Julian's new release. - Transcript & Captures

7 March 1999 - Julian does a two hour interview for KLSX-FM's Breakfast with the Beatles and then later does 2 hour a live performance/autograph signing at the Virgin Megastore on Sunset Strip in Los Angeles, CA. In LA Julian and his backing guitarist, Matt Backer, also appeared on WB's KTLA Morning Show and did an interview with KLOS' Mark and Brian.

9 March 1999 - Julian performs and is interviewed by Jay Leno on The Tonight Show. Unlike allot of these promotion appearances where Julian has just been backed by Matt Backer on guitar, during The Tonight Show, Julian was backed by a full band and a string section arranged by Bob Rose. - Transcript & Captures.

Rock and Roll Hall of Fame15 March 1999 - Julian performs and is interviewed by Charles Gibson on Good Morning America. - Transcript & Captures

Later that night Julian and his fiancée, Lucy Bayliss, (pictured to the right) are Paul McCartney's guests at his induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

18 March 1999 - Julian performs and is interviewed on The Dini Petty Show in Canada. - Transcript

9 April 1999 - Access Hollywood does an interview segment on Julian. - Transcript & Captures

25 April 1999 - VH1 premiers it's Behind the Music: Julian Lennon a one hour look at Julian's life and career.

26 April 1999 - Julian did a live (~30 minute) interview from Monte Carlo for Russia TV channel OPT (pronounce O-R-T).  He was asked mainly about the Yugoslavia, the difference between "now and then," etc.  He also talked about his love songs and about not being around in the music industry for so long.

4 May 1999 - Access Hollywood does a second interview segment on Julian. - Transcript & Captures

5 May 1999 - Julian is a presenter at the World Music Awards in Monaco. The awards ceremony was later be broadcast in the US on May 20th on ABC.

11 May 1999 - The single I Don't Wanna Know is released in the USA. Julian does a phone interview with from Italy mentioning he might be performing one of Paul's songs on a tribute album for Linda McCartney.

14 May 1999 - USA Weekend asked a diverse group of people, Jules included, about The Force. His response: "The Force is your inner strength. It's what guides you."

30 May 1999 - The Los Angeles Times Sunday edition announced that Julian is booking a US tour to run from July 15 through Aug. 20th with an August 12th date in Los Angeles.

Cynthia and Phyllis2 June 1999 - Julian and fiancée, Lucy Bayliss, attend the opening of his mother and her childhood friend Phyllis McKenzie's (shown in the picture to the right from Reuters...) art exhibit, jokingly called "Lennon and McKenzie," at the KDK Gallery at 324 Portobello Road in London

4 June 1999 - The Express runs a headline Lennon Looks Set to Give Marriage a Chance stating that Julian is poised to tie the knot with stunning brunette, Lucy Bayliss, 21. They quote Julian as saying: "To be honest, Lucy and I feel married already." 

18 June 1999 - Julian appears on the Conan O'Brien Show in New York City to be interviewed and perform  I Don't Wanna Know. - Transcript & Captures. This live version of is I Don't Wanna Know later released by Tower Records and Liquid Audio as a single on the net and acts as the official announcement of Julian's US tour. Julian then returns to London to prepare for the upcoming tour.

28 June - 9 July 1999 - Julian and his band rehearse in London for the upcoming tour.