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Julian Lennon

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Biography Books

Julian Lennon by Yolande Flesch   Julian Lennon
By Yolande Flesch
Running Press Book Publishers ISBN 0-89471-396-5
8" x 11" Paperback 74 pages with lots of good black and white photos throughout several of which are full page. Pretty much the standard brief biography laced with lyrics and song titles from Valotte and John Lennon's career.. 
Julian Lennon A Biography by Kalia Lulow   Julian Lennon A Biography
By Kalia Lulow

Ballantine Books ISBN 0-345-32864-7
January 1986
4" x 6" Paperback 127 pages with 16 pages of black and white photos many from British publications in the early 80s. This book was used extensively throughout the 80's in Teen magazines running articles on Julian. Several of them did 2 and 3 month series of excerpts from the book and offered various competitions to win a copy... This is another very informative book like Mark Bego's. Of the biographies, this one has the most info on Julian's life between his father's death and Valotte.
John Lennon/Julian Lennon by Nancie S. Martin   Avon Superstars John Lennon/Julian Lennon
By Nancie S. Martin
Avon Books ISBN 0-380-75083-X
January 1986
4" x 6" Paperback 99 pages with 8 pages of black and white photos. This book is two thirds John, one third Julian.. very brief summarization of Julian's life up to his first tour.
Julian Lennon by Mark Bego   Julian Lennon!
By Mark Bego

St. Martins Press ISBN 0-312-90250-6
July 1986
4" x 6" Paperback 168 pages with 8 pages of black and white photos. This was actually the first book on Julian I ever read.. it is also one of the most informative on Julian's life through the first tour. It  includes a complete discography and chronological break down of events and digs into a few more details than most of the other 'biographies' that tend to just summarize. This one is hard to come by but well worth it!
Julian Lennon by D.L. Mabery   Julian Lennon
By D. L. Mabery
Lerner Publications Company ISBN 0-8225-1607-1 (library binding)
7" x 9" Hardback 40 pages with 5 color and 7 black and white photos. This is a children's book.. not much on content biography wise as it simply glances over things from John and Cynthia's meeting... to  the Beatles... to the making of Valotte...  but where it lacks in content it definitely makes up for in photos many of which are full page color!

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Julian Lennon Centerstage   Center Stage: Julian Lennon
By William Sanford and Carl Green
Crestwood House ISBN 0-89686-301-8 (hardcover)
6" x 9" Hardback 32 pages with numerous color and black and white photos, only a couple of which are full page. This is another children's book and happens to have several inaccuracies in it...  not one I would really recommend.