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Julian Lennon

Depression Because of Beatle Father: Julian Lennon

Sent by Nina From a German Magazine


It took Julian Lennon two and a half years to record his new LP 'Help Yourself' and the single 'Saltwater.'  "I had to get things straightened out with myself first. I never wanted to be compared with my famous Beatles-father, I had depressions because of that and was in psychological treatment for a short time. Now I accept my background. I am what I am," confesses Julian who was born on the 8th of April 1963 in Liverpool and today really sounds like his father. 

His mother, John Lennon's first wife Cynthia (they were married from 1962-68), is still today the most important contact. She leads a secluded life on the Isle of Wight while Julian lives in Los Angeles. He broke off his engagement with Olivia D'Abo last year - after shopping in a supermarket he just didn't go home. He called and broke it off. Since then he hasn't seen Olivia.

After years in New York, Julian moved in 1988 to Los Angeles and bought an old 'hole-flat' in the mountains, which was previously used as a radar station for the US Army. Julian even found old documentary films about the Army's nuclear weapon tests. But Julian has already moved into a house in Hollywood, close to his schoolmate Justin Clayton. The two of them have played music together since they've been 13 years old. Justin still plays in Julian's band.