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Through the Years Julian Lennon Biography
1970 - 1972

Julian, Stepfather, Mother1 August 1970 - Cynthia (30) marries Roberto Bassinini (27 - Pictured to the left with Julian and Cynthia), the son of an Italian hotel owner at the registry office in Kensington, England. Julian was a page during the 10 minute ceremony. In an 1982 interview in the New York Post Julian said, "(Roberto) was great fun to be with. I lived an ideal life between them (Cynthia and Roberto) and John and Yoko, but it ended when Mom's marriage broke up" in 1974.

August 1970 - John and Yoko move into Tittenhurst and Julian visits on the weekends. He is quoted in Kalia Lulow's Biography as saying "Every Friday a chauffeur driven car would pick me up and take me down to Dad's place in Ascot."

3 September 1971 - John and Yoko moved to New York City....  John never again touches England's soil. From this point forth Julian must fly to the US to see his father.