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Through the Years Julian Lennon Biography
1998 - Photograph Smile Hits Australia & Japan

2 September 1998 - Julian does an interview with Melanie Ambrose on Australian channel 7's Today Tonight program. Things of interest include discussion on his new album, his involvement with an environmental agency in Australia called Plant Ark and Eyes of the Soul. - Transcript

13 - 26 September 1998 - Julian is in Japan promoting Photograph Smile

14 September 1998 -  The single I Don't Wanna Know is released in Australia.

17 September 1998 - The album and the single I Don't Wanna Know are released in Japan with the album debuting at #34 on the charts.  The Japanese version of Photograph Smile is special in that it comes in a booklet format with a diary containing the lyrics to the songs as well as quotes from Julian as to what the songs are about.   It also has 16 tracks vice the 14 on the UK Pinnacle version. The additional tracks are Don't Let Me Down and I Need YouDon't Let Me Down was included on the Pinnacle single of Day After Day and Julian's cover of America's I Need You appears on the single of I Don't Wanna Know which was released in Europe on 24 August 1998. 

18 September 1998 - Julian sees his brother Sean perform at the Quattro Club dispelling the feuding brothers rumor.

27 September 1998 - Julian attends a radio show at FM Yokohama and then a short performance (Day After Day, I Don't Wanna Know, and  And She Cries) and record signing at the HMV Yokohama in Japan.

8 October 1998 - Julian starts his promotional tour for Photograph Smile in Australia...

9 October 1998 - Julian played an invitation-only gig at Prahran's Continental Cafe. Included in his intimate set was his Beatlesque single I Don't Wanna Know and his worldwide hit  Saltwater. While at the Cafe, he is interviewed by Let It Be Beatles' Andrew Probyn. - Transcript.

10 October 1998 - Julian appeared on Hey Hey It's Saturday (Channel 9 Australia), a variety-type program that's been running in Australia  for 20+ years. He opened the show with I Don't Wanna Know - live vocals, with a backing track. He then had a chat with the show's host, who informed the audience that Chris Isaac was unable to make it that evening, so Julian was going to do another number later! Julian appeared an hour or so later (it's a 2 hour show) as one of the three judges for a 'talent' segment. The guy who won managed to balance a bowling ball on a sledgehammer on his chin... He closed the show by singing Day After Day - again live vocals, because he missed the first two words of the song! Julian also appears on Recovery on this day.

12 October 1998 - Photograph Smile is released in Australia on the Sony label. Julian appeared on In Melbourne Tonight (Channel 9 in Australia)

14 October 1998 - Julian preformed I Don't Wanna Know and did a two segment interview with Kerri-Anne Kennerley on the Midday show in Australia. - Transcript.

15 October 1998 - Julian did an interview on Good Morning Australia with Bert Newton and was also on the Martin and Molloy radio show.

17 October 1998 - Julian preformed at the 24 hour National Telethon to raise money for children's charities and donated $100,000 to the cause!! All in all the telethon raised over 2.5 million dollars!!!!

18 October 1998 - Julian did a 30 minute appearance followed by a record signing session at 78's Record Store in Perth, Western Australia.

20 October 1998 - Julian presented the Best Male Artist Award for the 12th Annual Aria Music Awards in Australia.

21 October 1998 - Julian appeared on Australia's Channel 10's The Panel - Transcript

26 October 1998 - Julian performs at Sydney, Australia Metro. Julian and his band performed Get A Life, Day After Day, And She Cries... following this song Julian welcomed the audience and then continued with I Should Have Known, Crucified, No One But You (currently this is an unreleased track), Saltwater, Photography Smile, I Don't Wanna Know... break to introduce the band before concluding with Too Late For Goodbyes, and Stand By Me. ~Special Thanks to Garry


28 October 1998 - Julian performs at the Mercury Lounge in Melbourne Australia's Crown Casino Entertainment Complex

31 October 1998 - Julian goes white water rafting with the band while in Bali...

3 November 1998 - Julian performed at the Hard Rock Cafe in Bali, Indonesia. While in Bali Julian stayed at the Hard Rock Hotel, Bali and did a press conference at the Boombox (HRHB karaoke lounge and recording studio). Bali Paradise News reports that during the press conference, Julian mentioned that he wanted to be known for his performance in music, not in the shadow of his famous father, John Lennon.

7 November 1998 - Julian performed at Heineken's Thrid Annual Music Horizons concert at the Hong Kong Coliseum.  During the show's press conference Julian said even though he was John Lennon's son, he didn't want people to think of him as the late Beatle's offspring, but as Julian Lennon. He said that he had used his own talents to prove himself and that when he was a child, his father wasn't around, so he wasn't able to learn much from him. He also he said that he didn't want to follow his father's footsteps and hoped that he would not suffer the same fate. Other performers were Boyz  II Men and Sammi Cheng.

11 November 1998 - The single Day After Day  is released in Australia.

1 December 1998 - Julian preformed  with guitarist Matt Baker at the Do Something BRICK Awards for Community Leadership in New York City's Supper Club.  Songs preformed were Day After Day, I Should Have Known (which Julian said was his favorite), I Don't Wanna Know and Saltwater.  ~Special Thanks to Claysey

5 December 1998 - Julian appears on American TV in regards to a new Beatles photo book The Bealtes Now and Then by Harry Benson. Julian's response to the picture of him in the book (middle below) "Where did they get that picture from? It's horrible. Well you know, when anybody - when you look back at yourself you know 10 years later you go hmm hmm good fashion sense there wasn't and a good hair cut too."

E! News 5 December 1998