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Through the Years Julian Lennon Biography
2000 - Julian Takes Time Off

January 2000 - Julian mentions that he is working on getting another label partnership for the US in order to release  a couple of albums in North America this year. The first is hoped to be a part compellation album and the second a new album hopefully to be released in the fall/winter...

31 March 2000 -  posts a long awaited Version 3 of the Official site. New features include a "Fanspeak" email list which will allow fans to interact with each other as well as learn of new happenings on everything Julian. As well as a brand new Navigation system.. 

28 May 2000 - I collection of four portraits of John Lennon which Cynthia painted for Julian's birthday go on sell as a limited edition set. - Article from the Sunday Mirror &

11 June 2000 - "Pop & Me" an independent documentary about fathers and sons done by father and son duo Richard and Chris Roe (shown to the right with Julian) begins showing in LA and NYC. 

The two spent 6 months traveling around the world interviewing 29 sets of father and sons in 26 countries. While in Monaco in 1996, they met up with Julian who discussed his lack of relationship with John.

3 October 2000 - Mark David Chapman is denied parole. Julian declined all interview requests pertaining to his father and Chapman's hearing.

9 October 2000 - In honor of their 300th show Acoustic Cafe featured the 6 best guests from each year they have been on the air on the show and Julian was picked for 1999! - Read a transcription of the full interview

1 November 2000 -  Julian took and donated a photo to Fashion Acts to help raise money for people affected by HIV/AIDS. 40 celebrities were given Olympus i-zoom 75 compact cameras and asked to take 3 photographs one of which was signed and sold at auction on November 1st. Other contributors included Elton John, Britney Spears, Bryan Adams and Richard Branson. The charity raised 30,000.

Julian's photo can be viewed on by going to the "Photos" section and looking under "Fashion Acts"

9 November 2000 - Julian donated gifts to the Brooklands Special School in Surrey, England for their Autographed Celebrity Memorabilia Auction which raised 4,425.

6 December 2000 - After getting numerous requests for a statement in regards to how Julian felt about the upcoming 20th anniversary of his father's death, Julian wrote a statement on December 4th and released it to his website on December 6th. The media response was phenomenal... Check out the News on this day for more info

19 December 2000 - "Pop & Me" is released on DVD including some additional footage of the interview with Julian Lennon.