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Through the Years Julian Lennon Biography
1981-1982 - Media Frenzy

5 September 1981 - Cynthia launches her first drawing exhibit ever in Long Island, NY featuring drawings from her 1978 biography A Twist of Lennon.

1981 Julian moves to London and stays six months with Elton John's percussionist, Ray Cooper.  Cynthia credits Ray with making Julian the musician he is today saying: "Like his father, he flunked out of school and was drifting. I sent him to stay with Ray Cooper, a percussionist who played with Elton John, for six months. He virtually saved Julian and transformed him into the musician he is today."

For some 18 months during 1981 and 1982, Julian floated between tabloid scandals and rumors while contemplating the route his music should take, as well as the flak he expected if he launched himself into a musical career. Prior to his father's death he had planned on attending Chester College of Art however, after John's murder it was reported he wanted to focus on music perhaps starting out as a sound engineer.

The British press had a field day with Julian's doings, labeling him an ever partying playboy and erroneously reporting several rumored group names, including The Lennon Drops and The Lennon Kittens as well as actual band called Quasar with whom Julian jammed with but was not a member.

January 1982 - Newspapers are splattered with pictures of Julian in Soho's club L'Escargot, clowning around in drag, with a pistol pointed to his head. Julian does an interview for News of the World that is titled All You Need Is Love. The Beatles Said It, But I Wish Dad Had Shown Me Some. 

8 April 1982 - Julian celebrates his 19th birthday at the London club Stringfellows and has a wild bash during which, Julian is given a live white horse and hit in the face with a pie thrown by a scantily clad model.. all the newspapers cover the party, branding Julian a spoilt playboy. 

Spring 1982 - Julian goes into a recording studio to work on an album of  previously unreleased John Lennon songs for an album to be titled Tribute.