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Through the Years Julian Lennon Biography
1998 - Julian Releases Photograph Smile

21 February 1998 - Julian appears in a concert presented by Mike Bongiorno accompanying David Bowie in Sanremo, Italy.

Early April 1998 - The video for Day After Day is shot in Rome, Italy. It was directed and photographed by Lina Wertmuller and then re-edited by Julian and his friend, Anthony Levine. The video portrays Julian as a World War I soldier who while fighting in trenches daydreams about returning to the woman he loves.

Wednesday, 8 April 1998  - Julian's 35th birthday.  Monaco Records stated "Wednesday  morning at 2 am we all wished Julian a happy birthday in the Rascasse bar, followed by a big party on Wednesday night and did it all over again on Saturday. Lots of fun handing out a shower of champagne to whomever was in range."

15 April 1998 - Julian does a live interview for German radio station NDR2's On Afternoon program. - Photographs & Brief Article

24 April  1998 - Julian performs Day After Day live on TFI Friday (UK) presented by Chris Evans.

1 May 1998 - Julian performs Day After Day and Stand By Me live in Rome in promotion of his new album Photograph Smile... he dedicates Day After Day  to his step-father Roberto Bassanini. - Related Article

May 1998 - Julian performs live at the Asia Pacific Conference in Sentosa Island, Singapore in promotion of  Photograph Smile which was recorded under his own company, Music From Another Room, and is represented by Zomba Records in Asia

11 May 1998 - The single, Day After Day,  is released in England.

18 May 1998 - Julian performs a release concert in Mainz, Germany supported by Justin Clayton on guitar, Greg Darling on piano... in promotion the European release of the fifth Julian Lennon album, Photograph Smile. - Photos & Write up

Produced by Julian himself and Bob Rose, Photograph Smile was worked on at Studio Mulinetti - Rockfield Studios, Wales - Windmill Lane Studios, Ireland - and Air Studios, London.  Photograph Smile features fourteen new compositions (five written by Julian and Mark Spiro (who also collaborated with Julian on the hit Saltwater), four penned by Julian alone, four written by Julian and Greg Darling of Monaco Records, and one written by Julian & Dalbello). Julian (keyboards, acoustic guitar, sitar guitar, tambourines & shakers, vocals) is joined on most of the tracks by long time friend, Justin Clayton (electric & acoustic guitars), Gregory Darling (piano), Robbie Blunt (electric, acoustic, & sitar guitars), Matt Backer (electric & acoustic guitars), Simon Edwards (bass & sentir), Manny Elias (drums), and Bob Rose (keyboards). Guest artists include Gemma Hayes (duet Faithful), Donald Lunny (basooki), and Paul Clarvis (tabla & ethnic percussion)

Incidentally, Julian's half brother, Sean, also releases his debut album, Into the Sun on this day. May 18th is also associated with various Beatles triumphs over the years - the day they reached the "200- million-records-sold mark," the day they started their company...

23 May 1998 - During an interview in promotion of Photograph Smile in England, Julian was asked the traditional "Would you do something with the Beatles?" However, instead of his past "No", Julian said: "Two or three years ago, I would have said no, purely because I had to find my own self first…But if the opportunity arose, I'd be willing to get up a sing a number with them".

3 June 1998 - John Charles Julian Lennon - Jules' Personal & Official website premiers - This version is later combined with the Music From Another Room website...

17 June 1998 - Julian appears on German channel Viva's JAM program giving an interview for the show. - Transcript

21 June 1998 - Julian performed at the Hessentag Festival in Germany.

22 June 1998 - Julian performed in promotion of Photograph Smile in Belguim.

23 June 1998 - Julian appeared on Paris TV.

5 July 1998 - Julian performs at Capital FM's Party in the Park to benefit the Prince's Trust. Julian was allowed to play up to a 20 minute set but due to technical difficulties, he was only able to play two songs. Julian, who frequently confesses to nerves on stage, told the huge crowd of 120,000 he was "paralyzed with nerves."

11 July 1998 - Julian appeared on The Pepsi Chart Show and then left for a one week promotional trip in Japan.

27 - 28 July 1998 - The I Don't Wanna Know video is filmed by Anthony Levine.

August 1998 - The British Magazine Q does an article on the 100 richest rock stars  and how they spend it.  Julian is listed as #41 with £20 million stating "Rock 'n' roll old money. John and Cynthia's son suddenly became rich in the 90's when a legal wrangle with Yoko Ono over his father's estate ended. Off the Jack Daniels and resuming his musical career, he has a house on Lake Como, a London flat and a bar in the South of France."

2 August 1998 - Julian appeared on the German Television Program Der Fernsehgarten to sing his upcoming single, I Don't Wanna Know

Tuesday, 18 August 1998 -   Julian appeared on ITV's (TV channel in the UK) Lunch in the Sun, a British breakfast chat show GMTV broadcast live from an exclusive villa in Marbella in Spain.  During the show Julian had the show's chef, Amanda, cook up one of his recipes... 'Steak Diana' or should it be 'Steak Julian'... a steak in a cream and wine sauce with mushrooms, onions and providential herbs.  Julian had quite humorous interjections during the show... such as instructing to "let the meat rest." He also showed great knowledge on the different ways of cooking steak explaining he learned by watching a friend who is a chef.  

Wednesday, 19 August 1998 - Julian records his 10 of the best for VH1 Europe which premiers on 22 August and is shown at various times throughout September.

Friday,  21 August 1998 - Julian records an interview and a performance of  I Don't Wanna Know for UK's ITV's British television program Exclusive which was shown on August 23rd.  The  interview with Sara Cox and Mark Eccleston featured a clip from the video for his latest single I Don't Wanna Know which  is a hilarious Beatle parody going through the Beatlemania years with a  fictional band called the "Butlers"... Julian can be seen in various places throughout the video as a bobby, bus driver, and a drunk in an opera.... Julian discussed why he decided to do the parody... basically it is a response to all the Beatle and John Lennon fans who have asked time and time again when he will do a cover of one of their songs.  Other items of interest in the interview included a discussion as to why he decided to start his own record label, Music From Another Room, how he is enjoying being in total control of his career at this point, and his feelings on Sean and him releasing albums at the same time in England....

Monday, 24 August 1998 - The second single, I Don't Wanna Know is released as a two part CD single in Europe. Roughtrade released the I Don't Wanna Know single in Germany with I Need You and a version of I Don't Wanna Know which has Julian cracking up in laughter throughout... Pinnacle released the I Don't Wanna Know single in the UK in two parts with Part one having the same songs as the Roughtrade release and the video for I Don't Wanna Know and Part two having Kiss Beyond the Catcher and the video for Day After Day.

Julian does a live satellite link up to Sydney for the Laws Show, a chat show hosted by an Australian Radio DJ.

Wednesday, 26 August 1998 - Julian appeared on Channel 5's Jack Docherty Show by Melinda Messenger.  The show was filmed during the afternoon in London and then broadcast later in the evening.  Thanks to MFAR's recruiting of fans... the audience was packed with screaming fans for the short interview discussing the video of I Don't Wanna Know, Julian's recent embrace of his heritage from his father and the Beatles, his hobbies of painting, cooking, acting and theater, and his displeasure with Yoko Ono for her marketing of John's name and selling of his things.  The show was completed with a mimed-live version of I Don't Wanna Know complete with a kiss for the camera.

Sunday 30 August 1998 - Julian performs at Baden-Airpark, Germany...