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Through the Years Julian Lennon Biography
2001 - Julian Takes Time Off

9 February 2001 - Cynthia Lennon appears at the Hard Rock Cafe in New York City to sign copies of the watercolor portraits she painted of different stages of John's  life.

20 March 2001 - Julian sent out an email via the announce list on the official site stating that he purchased a vacation home in the Mediterranean last year and spent the entire year remodeling it... He is putting in a studio at his home and is looking for musicians and producers for his next album...

Julian announced he has recorded the Beatles' "Blackbird" for an upcoming tribute to Linda McCartney proceeds from which will benefit the American charity Women Against Cancer and that he will be working on a cover of  Kevin Gilbert's "Things She Said" for an upcoming tribute album for him... "Things She Said" originally appeared on Toy Manitee's "Toy Manitee" with Julian singing background vocals on the song. - Guest Appearance Discography

27 April 2001 - In a newsletter sent by Julian's official site, Julian mentions that he has been invited to perform at the upcoming all-star tribute concert to John Lennon at New York's Radio City Music Hall. The tribute concert is scheduled to air on television on or near what would have been John's 61st birthday on October 9. Profits from the show are scheduled to go to the Violence Policy Center, a gun control group. Julian does not actually ever participate in this event. adds a new section called Too Young To Vote which includes educational games to teach kids about the environment and the world around them... Something Julian has mentioned wanting to do many times in the past. "Too Young To Vote" is geared towards Julian's younger fans with an area for them to send in art work and photos as well as a special competition. It also features a game of sorts where young adults and others can learn about world cultures and the environment. Current topics include women's rights around the world and earthquakes. You can visit "Too Young To Vote" by clicking the option under the "Moon" on the homepage of

2 July 2001 - In a ceremony attended by Yoko Ono, the Liverpool airport at Speke unveiled its new logo and name, Liverpool John Lennon Airport...  The decision to rename the airport was done by the company which owns the property - Peel Holdings. The new name is part of a rebranding that will see the opening of a new 32.5 million terminal next spring... The new logo includes John Lennon's famous self-portrait and the words, from Imagine, "above us only sky." Julian sent a letter sending his good wishes and stated: "I am very happy to see that Liverpool has taken the opportunity to remember one of its most famous citizens in a way that reaches millions of people."

July 2001 - Julian is on the cover of the July/August/September 2001 edition of VIVA magazine {} The magazine features Julian on the cover, a new interview and a full page photo of Julian. The interview which was conducted in January, covers 5 pages of the magazine however the actual interview is only about 2 pages long (Takes extra pages as the interview is in both English and Spanish). 

21 August 2001 - Rhino Records in conjunction with Atlantic Records/VH1 released a compilation album entitled Julian Lennon - VH1 Behind the Music: The Julian Lennon Collection. The album will consists of Atlantic/Atco Remasters (Music from Valotte, Secret Value of Daydreaming, Mr. Jordan & Help Yourself) as well as a couple songs from Photograph Smile.

30 November 2001 - Julian's tribute to George Harrison who passed away on this date...

It is a sad day for all of us, I loved George very much. He was the kindest of men. Our time together, though little, was always memorable. He was a man to be inspired by and he certainly touched my heart and millions of others. He will be missed, but I believe that after all the pain he has endured, he is finally at peace. My heart goes out to Olivia and Dhani, but I know that George is still with them in spirit and will be guarding them every day of their lives until they meet again. George you are beautiful.

Luv Ya Always,
Julian x